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Luminous Tape

Luminous Tape

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  • 1. No radioactivity, no energy consumption, easy to engrave.
  • 2. The product has an excellent light-storing and luminous effect for all kinds of visible light. After naturally absorbing light in a general room, it can continue to emit light for more than 5 hours in the dark.
  • 3. It does not need power when in use, and makes full use of natural light sources, and the process of light absorption, storage and light emission can be cycled

emergency evacuation signs, safety signs, road guidelines, underground coal mines, emergency signs, fire fighting equipment, prohibitions, warnings, instructions, public information signs

 Features of Luminous Material Luminous Film:

  • 1. The light storage time is short, the light receiving area is large, the luminous intensity is high, and the afterglow time is long
  • 2. Convenient cutting and wide use (can be directly used for printing, printing, engraving, etc.)
  • 3. No radiation,
  • 4. Easy to fold and turn, easy to transport and carry
  • 5. Strong environmental adaptability (-10℃-40℃), not easy to age under strong ultraviolet radiation, and long service life
  • 6. The surface receives uniform light and has a good finish

Note: The tape itself does not emit light, it can continue to emit light after a period of time!


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Customer Reviews

Based on 50 reviews
Isaias Thompson

I will check for reflectivity supplement

Richmond Rodriguez

Of course they glow like in the photo of the store, but still, it's okay. The ribbon itself is white, and it glows blue.

Cecelia Schuppe

The tape is glowing, everything is normal! Thank you!

Allen Kuhic

good, noticable glow when charged

Ruben Bosco

the product is very useful for everything i recommended